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Meeting NameDayTimeCityType
As Bill Sees ItSunday9:00 AMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Sunday Morning OpenSunday9:00 AMAuroraOpen, Speaker
Sunday Morning T.I.P.S.Sunday10:30 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Do or Die GroupSunday7:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
When All Else FailsSunday7:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Big Book
Some are Sicker than OthersSunday7:30 PMAuroraClosed, Big Book
Reflections GroupSunday7:30 PMMontgomeryClosed, Discussion
12 & 12 NSMonday12:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Recipe for Living GroupMonday8:30 AMAuroraClosed, Big Book
Monday Starter GroupMonday9:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Early Times GroupMonday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
The Frog GroupMonday7:00 PMSugar GroveClosed, Discussion
California Big BookMonday7:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Penthouse GroupMonday7:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Newcomers & SponsorsMonday7:30 PMYorkvilleOpen, Speaker
Hill Toppers GroupMonday7:30 PMBoulder HillClosed, Discussion
Second Hand SobrietyMonday7:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Tuesday Night GroupTuesday7:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Big Book Study GroupTuesday7:30 PMBoulder HillClosed, Big Book
Closed, 24 Hour A Day BookTuesday10:00 AMAuroraClosed
Live and LearnTuesday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, 12 & 12
Recovery DiscoveryTuesday7:00 AMOswegoClosed, Discussion
Big Book on the HillTuesday10:00 AMBoulder HillClosed, Big Book
Step into RecoveryTuesday7:00 PMAuroraClosed, 12 & 12
Big Book ClosedTuesday12:00 PMYorkvilleClosed, Big Book
12 & 12 Step into RecoveryTuesday7:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Living Sober BookWednesday9:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
The Eye Openers GroupWednesday10:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Not named #2Wednesday12:00 PMAuroraClosed, Big Book Study
Angels Gather HereWednesday1:30 PMOswegoClosed, Discussion
Early Steppers GroupWednesday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, 12 & 12
Which Book Is ItWednesday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Young at Heart GroupWednesday7:30 PMPlanoClosed, Discussion
Boulder Hill StepWednesday7:30 PMBoulder HillClosed, 12 & 12
Womens Group (also 12 & 12)Thursday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Sandwich Steppers GroupThursday7:00 PMSandwichClosed, 12 & 12
Little Meeting on the Prairie (as Bill Sees It)Thursday7:30 PMOswegoClosed, Discussion
New Freedom GroupThursday7:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Thursday Night GroupThursday7:30 PMBoulder HillClosed, Discussion
Came to BelieveThursday8:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
The Eye Openers GroupThursday11:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Not Named #5Thursday7:00 AMOswegoClosed, Discussion
12 Ways to Stay SoberThursday10:00 AMBoulder HillClosed, Discussion
There is a solution NSThursday12:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
As Bill Sees ItThursday7:00 PMOswegoClosed
Our Primary PurposeThursday7:00 PMAuroraSelect...
Friday Morning Big BookFriday9:00 AMAuroraClosed, Big Book Study
Spiritual AwakeningFriday10:00 AMBoulder HillClosed, Discussion
Different Kind of 12 & 12Friday8:00 PMOswegoClosed, 12 & 12
Grapevine MeetingFriday8:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Not Named #3Friday10:00 AMAuroraClosed, Step
Lunchers GroupFriday12:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Mix it up GroupFriday5:15 PMOswegoClosed, Discussion Alternating Book
Will Try GroupFriday6:30 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Big Book on the PrairieFriday7:00 PMMontgomeryClosed, Big Book
Friends of Bill W.Friday7:30 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
12 & 12 GroupFriday7:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, 12 & 12
Upstairs-Downstairs GroupFriday8:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
St. MarysSaturday10:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Saturday Morning Opportunity GroupSaturday10:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
One Day at a Time GroupSaturday10:00 AMPlanoClosed, Discussion
Soul SteppersSaturday10:30 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Saturday AfternoonersSaturday5:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Farnsworth OpenSaturday7:00 PMAuroraOpen, Speaker
Sharing Hope GroupSaturday7:00 PMBoulder HillOpen, Speaker
Sat. Niters GroupSaturday7:30 PMBoulder HillClosed, Discussion
Cant Think GroupSaturday9:30 PMYorkvilleClosed, Discussion
Morning Alive GroupSaturday8:00 AMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Different Kind of 12 & 12Saturday8:00 PMOswegoClosed, 12 & 12
Living Sober on the HillSaturday9:00 AMMontgomeryClosed, Discussion
Not Named #6Saturday12:00 PMAuroraClosed, Discussion
Sat. Night CandlelightSaturday10:00 PMAuroraClosed
Friday Morning Big BookSaturday9:00 AMAuroraClosed, Big Book Study